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“We were surprised by how quickly the money came through from HMRC as we expected it to be a long-drawn-out process. R&D tax credits were not something we even thought would apply to us as we were just adapting an off the shelf software. We are really happy with the service provided by Venture Tax.”

Recruitment Co, Leeds

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R&D Tax Credit Specialists

We are Venture Tax, a UK based R&D Tax Credit Specialists who work exclusively in helping you achieve your business goals by taking advantage of the research and development relief that is on offer. We want to allow you to be as innovate, creative and dream as big as you possibly can as there is nothing, we delight in more than ringing our clients and letting them know about all the fantastic opportunities that can come once knowing you have qualified for R&D tax credits and can claim.

We are strategic thinkers, we began as a full-service accountancy firm many years ago, so you know that you can trust our financial advice and be assured that we are highly experienced in the industry. By specialising in solely in helping businesses claim R&D tax credits and knowing the criteria, it allows us to take our knowledge and refine our service into being as efficient and seamless as it is today.

Putting our customers first is always our number one priority at Venture Tax and creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients as well as helping them to keep innovating and improve the UK business market more and more through research and development relief.  

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The pharmaceutical company

We were recommended to this fast-growing pharma company by a referral partner. We helped them recover over £200,000 of research and development tax relief in their first year of trading – which was great news to them as they’d been incorrectly told to wait two years before making a claim. We knew they were eligible immediately and applied as soon as possible – proof good things come to those that don’t wait.
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The technology & software company

A business making bespoke software for transport came to us because of our reputation for being experts in the field of R&D tax. They were delighted when we were able to help them claim £25,000 – which they reinvested back into their thriving business. 
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The manufacturing company

Our glass manufacturing client didn’t think their business was ‘innovative’ enough for R&D credits. But they took the first step, contacted us and we met them to get a better understanding of their business. Once we had this, we were able to point out that the glass products they made for the construction trade fully met the criteria for research and development tax relief. We worked alongside their accountant and helped them claim £50,000 which they put towards developing new (and innovative!) products. 
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The food and drink company

Operating in the food and drink industry with a turnover exceeding £1m, our client had never even heard of R&D tax credits. We were recommended to them by another client and were happy to find that they were eligible for a sizeable claim. After analysing all their costs, we were able to claim £150,000 with minimal time or effort needed from them. The unexpected windfall was put towards making more new and delicious products. 
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The utility and energy company

A successful energy and sustainability consultant was told by their accountant to speak to us about R&D tax credits. We were able to claim £3,500 of research and development tax relief for them which they put to good use by further expanding their range of sustainable products for developing countries. 
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The childcare organisation

Despite being told that ‘R&D tax claims aren’t real’, a nursery reached out to us because they trusted in our tax experience. We were able to help them claim £5,000 because they had developed bespoke courses for mental health and put them online. They used this cash injection to help them through the difficult times of the coronavirus crisis. 
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The cleaning services company

A large cleaning company with over 90 employees contacted us after a recommendation they received. They’d developed bespoke in-house software for use as a CRM system. Their accountant had started the claim but struggled to complete it due to mistakes in their complex calculations. We were able to resolve the claim and they received the tidy sum of £35,000.
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Sometimes it is hard to know if your business qualifies for R&D tax credit criteria, or even know what is involved if you do qualify. That is why we have created our Here to Help page, where you can find out what R&D tax credits are, your eligibility in regard to your business and what can you claim for if you were to qualify for them.

Whether you are certain you are eligible and just need some help with the claim process or if you have no idea where to even begin and want to know if you match the criteria – we are here to help. You will speak to one of our incredible R&D Tax Credit specialists who will aid you in every way possible and take the hard part away for you so you can focus on exciting new research and development.

To see how we can help you, get in touch with us today at our Huddersfield Office on 01484 905383, our Newcastle office on 0191 6053292 or alternatively at