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What are R&D tax credits?

R&D tax credits (or relief) are an incentive the UK Government uses to reward companies for investing in research and innovation activities. As these are the activities that help society progress and advance, the tax incentives are there to help businesses help everyone.

Why can’t I use my current accountant?

R&D tax relief is a specialist area which requires in-depth knowledge of ever-changing HMRC guidance. That’s why many accountants prefer to outsource R&D tax work to us, referring their clients to a safe pair of hands. The different claim schemes and criteria for claiming are broad and open to interpretation across industries and sectors. Our vast experience in identifying eligibility, writing cases, and maximising claims is invaluable here.

What’s the difference between the R&D schemes?

The two R&D relief schemes operated by the Government are the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) and the RDEC (Research and Development Expenditure Credit).

The SME scheme is for businesses with:

  • Less than 500 employees
  • A turnover less than €100m
  • A balance sheet with less than €86m

The RDEC is for any businesses who don’t meet the above criteria or for SME’s who already receive state funding. The benefits across each scheme are clearly distinct and it is not uncommon for businesses to claim across both schemes which can add a layer of complexity. We are here to help you identify which scheme or both, just get in touch.

Claim process
How do know if I can claim?

No matter what industry or sector you’re in, your business has to meet two qualifying criteria:

  1. Be a limited company in the UK that has to submit a Corporation Tax return
  2. Have invested in developing new or refining existing products, services or processes

With such open criteria for potential eligibility, it isn’t always easy to know if you can claim and if so, what for. That’s where our specialist expertise can help, just get in touch.

Can I claim if my company hasn’t made any profit?

Yes, absolutely. If you’re investing in R&D, your business is taking a risk and HMRC recognise and reward this.

How quick is the process?

We aim to submit claims within 14 days of our initial discussion, HMRC then usually take 28 days to fulfil the claim, and that’s when the funds for your reimbursement are sent.

Claims calculator
Why can’t I calculate my claim on your website?

We’re not in the business of guesswork. In our extensive experience no two companies are the same, so no two claims will be equal. If you want to find out more about what your company could claim just get in touch.

Documentation required
What documentation will I need to provide?

We can work with your accountant to collate the information but essentially all we need are:

  • Your accounts and corporation tax return
  • Payroll records
  • A quick chat about your business’ activities
How much does your service cost?

First, we only ever charge if your claim is successful with HMRC. The fees we charge vary depending on the type and scale of claim as the scope of work differs greatly. No matter what, we are always upfront about costs and there are never hidden extras.

Qualifying expenditure
What costs can I make a claim for?

R&D tax relief can be claimed on any of the following outgoings:

  • Staffing costs (salaries, pensions and national insurance, expenses)
  • Fees of freelancers or consultants
  • Materials
  • Software
  • Utilities including lighting, heating and water
  • Trialling a product (even if it fails)
  • Prototypes
  • Subcontractor costs