Why we're different

We started out as a full-service accountancy firm many years ago – so we have a tried, tested and trusted heritage in financial services. But we’ve gone one better and chosen to specialise in one thing – R&D tax credits. Over time we’ve refined what we do into the efficient, effective and friendly service we offer today.

Here's why we do what we do

R&D tax opens doors

We think it’s remarkable how R&D tax can help businesses go places. Be it a dream to hire more staff, get better premises or invest in new machinery – we’ve seen R&D tax credits do it all. We love nothing more than calling our clients to share our final calculations (apart from seeing what they do with the credits afterwards!).

We’re strategic thinkers

We thrive on getting to know our clients and helping them see how research and development relief fits into their wider finances and strategic plans. We aren’t just number crunchers, we take a holistic and proactive approach to what we do.

Untapped potential

We hate knowing that millions of UK businesses are unable to reach their true potential because they don’t know about research and development relief – or worse, they’re getting bad advice.

These tax credits exist to keep UK businesses innovating, and that helps everyone. And now, during these tougher financial times, tax credits are more important than ever. We’re here to help do the right thing and put an end to these missed opportunities.

The founders

We’re Vicky and Trevor, founders of Venture Tax.

Vicky Newham

With many years of experience in financial services – and specialising in tax – Vicky has an excellent reputation within the business community and an incredibly extensive network.

Trevor Worthington

Trevor is a sharp businessman and technical tax expert who understands the complexities of HMRC’s guidance and regulations inside out. A research and development relief specialist for several years now, he’s always the first to know about any regulatory changes.

We believe two heads are always better than one and we combine our in-depth understanding of your business, its goals, along with our technical tax expertise to provide the best results for you. Together, we’re proud to lead a strong team of technical experts and client relationship managers.

People first

We’ve always believed in putting people and relationships first. It’s a big part of who we are.


Pay As You Feel Community Accountants

We run a non-profit organisation called ‘Pay As You Feel Community Accountants’. Here, we help vulnerable, young people train to become accountants and offer bookkeeping and accountancy services to community groups, charities and selected start-up businesses on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. This means these organisations can pay nothing or an amount they feel is appropriate. These donations then help us fund further projects in the future. We’re proud to be creating the next generation of bright accountants and love sharing our expertise.


Charitable referral fees

We pay introducer fees to anyone who refers a client to us. But if they don’t want – or can’t – take a commission, then we donate this fee to a charity of their choice. As a result, we’ve donated to a wide range of worthwhile causes.